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5 meal time recipes and 5 snack recipes you can make at home for your dog. Veterinarian approved and reviewed!

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“Enjoying my puppy kisses!”

I cannot get my dog to eat barely anything, but she enjoyed these! Over a few days bad breath has declined. I also have picked up brushing her teeth every morning. I am enjoying my puppy kisses.

*Results May Vary

Rebeca N.

“Couldn’t be happier”

My dog has been eating these for 6 days and her breath has changed from putrid to bearable. No tummy problems so far and they are shaped like little bones, which my dog really likes.

*Results May Vary

Arthur C.

“Solved the problem!”

I have a dog that has had horrible breath as long as she has lived with me. One of these "treats" daily has solved the problem; no longer do visitors or family draw back quickly after bending to pet her.

*Results May Vary

Jeorge M.

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